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At V7, we develop software to help businesses automate any visual task. Our products are not just fast, they’re pixel-perfect and easy to use.

Join V7 and define the future of artificial intelligence.

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Life at V7

Fascinating challenges, world-class clients, a stimulating work environment, and a fantastic team—that’s what everyday life at V7 looks like.

What's important for us

We believe that what makes a company great are the values that team members share, not free coffee.

Move the Needle
Do the kind of work that grows your function, and build a bigger ship as you row. Compound your impact by focusing on actions that will make your, or a colleague’s life easier next time. By doing this all together, our impact and work life drastically improves.
Write the New Playbook
Know the gold standard of your function, and reshape it for a new generation. Whether it’s sales, engineering, or talent, what mattered 5 years ago is due to change. Be the one writing the playbook others will copy.
Relentless improvements, tiny steps
You search for the problem, and put energy into polishing it. We’re obsessed with improvement and know where to look for them. We understand change happens in steps, not milestones, and know when an undertaking is too big to make sense.
Reliable in Success and in Failure
It’s about how well you can predict an outcome, communicate it with colleagues, and turn failure into value. At V7 we are few but mighty, and rely on each other for success. We care about communicating imminent challenges and forecast our needs.

Backed by the best in the AI world

V7 is backed by some of the brightest minds in the AI industry.

Francois Chollet
Creator of Keras
Oriol Vinyals
Director of Research, Deepmind
Ashish Vaswani
Inventor of Transformers
Jose Valim
Creator of Elixir
Nathan Benaich
General Partner, Air Street Capital
+15 AI Pioneers

A sneak peek of our perks

Work at V7 comes with benefits.

Unlimited PTO
Unlimited PTO
Take time off, recharge your batteries, go see your kids’ game without guilt.
WF Anywhere
WF Anywhere
Work from any location you fancy. Travel, be a nomad, stay productive.
HQ in London
HQ in London
Visit London to meet us in our HQ. We have a barista & plenty of snacks.
Flexible Hours
Flexible Hours
Work when you’re at your best. There’s no need to clock in and out.
Competitive Stock options
Competitive Stock options
Own a piece of the company you’re building.
Meet the whole team in a warm, stunning location over 4 days.
New Apple Hardware
New Apple Hardware
We make sure you are set up - only the newest models of course!
Development Budget
Development Budget
Need training? You’ll get that covered!

Job openings

Would you like to become a V7er? Great! We’re always looking for talent.

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